To Whom It May Concern;

Last year, in response to an advertisement, we called upon Total Service Pro to spray wash/clean our home’s white shake vinyl siding, which was nearly dark green in color due to severe algae growth and layers of dust.

Expecting the need to “kill it or cure it” (either it would come reasonably clean or need to be replaced), the folks at Total Service Pro come on the scene and did the job, far exceeding original expectations. The house is back to being white and the money saved in not having to re-side the house went into other remodeling projects.

Before giving in to disgusting crud on your house, fencing, or whatever, the folks at Total Service Pro can probably save you tons of moolah by making it sparkle, and for a very reasonable service fee.

C Capello,
Rexford, NY

C. Capello

Total Service Pros did an amazing job washing our house. We are so pleased. The attention to detail must much better than we dreamed of. Our house will look clean for quite some time, but when we need it cleaned again I wouldn't dream of going anywhere but Total Service Pro at 877wash.com

Chad Currin