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The Mission of Total Service Pro Painting, located locally in Ballston Lake, has always been to change the way folks in the Latham area perceive the Painting & home improvement experience. From our core belief in professionalism, we have continued and will always strive to deliver on our commitment to Communication and removing barriers to uncertainty. For us it is always being responsive to our client’s needs and concerns. This process helps remove doubt and any of the headaches many associate with painting and home improvement in general. We strive for excellence throughout the process, from first contact to project completion and beyond. As such we look forward to painting and improving your home in Latham, NY.

Why hire a professional painter in Latham, NY?

The educated and experience staff of Total Service Pro Painting ensures high quality workmanship. Our Systematic Painting process typically allows for the proper and timely completion of your painting or staining project. Quite often in just a fraction of the time it would take the normal homeowner to tackle the job themselves.

You probably wouldn’t also want to invest in commercial or even quality tools and equipment (power washers, professional brushes, rollers, ladders, etc.) and the finished product will reflect that. Moreover if you cannot devote yourself full time to the job from start to finish? Then the “piecemeal” approach of working “several months of weekends or Sundays” will also be reflected in the finished product. Not to mention just understanding Paint Systems, climbing ladders, playing nice with bees and think of all the clothes, shoes & bed sheets you will likely get paint all over … not the best experience for most, but not out the question for some folks. Our professional crews with 10+ years in experience painting in Latham, NY will yield the highest quality results with a minimum of disruption to you and your life. So please if you are looking to get on our schedule this season contact us soon. We will be glad to set an appointment to come out estimate your home in Latham, NY very soon.

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