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Total Service Pro: Painting has over a 10+ years of experience painting homes throughout Capital District, NY. Centrally located in the Ballston Lake, NY area we are close to most parts of the local region. Our primary Painting service is geared toward providing excellent, detail oriented – Exterior Home Painting. However, we also provide;

  • Exterior Painting; aluminum, vinyl and most siding types
  • Interior Painting
  • Replacing damaged or worn out siding – most types
  • Sheetrock, taping and plaster wall repairs
  • Pressure washing, soft house/roof washing, window cleaning

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Since 2001, we have emphasized safety, quality workmanship, and high customer satisfaction. Here is what you can expect from us:

We will provide you with a written estimate that will be good for the entire season. This benefit features a price that won’t change unless you decide to either add or remove work or if you decide to have another of our Great Services performed (i.e. Soft House/Roof Washing, Window Cleaning, etc?).

We will do all the work you agree to and as expressed in your detailed and free written estimate. We will not cut any corners on surface preparation or in any aspect of the work included. What you see on your estimate is what you want and what you will get.

Our professional, friendly, well trained & uniformed staff will begin your project as scheduled. Once we begin we will leave our equipment and return daily until your project has been completed (unless rain, humidity or bad weather prohibits).  We always rather finish your project in a timely and professional manner! We never jump off your project to go start another job like some Painting contracts may do.

We always work with each homeowner and business to understand your individual needs and we always respect each individual project’s unique circumstances (i.e. making sure your dog doesn’t get out of a fenced area, protecting you landscaping, driveway, etc.). We do this while we strive to enhance and protect the beauty of your valued property locally here in the Capital Region (Albany, NY).

We happily provide insurance and local references upon your request. Again we provide complimentary written estimates (for insurance estimates there is a non-refundable $50 fee).

We guarantee our exterior workmanship (see: our 2 year limited warranty) and interior workmanship is also guaranteed. We are committed to leaving no job unfinished and no client unsatisfied. Since we guarantee our work we also are glad to provide detailed information on any of our other helpful home soft or pressure washing services.

Please Call 518-877-WASH Now to Schedule your Free Estimate and DISCOVER how you can Save 10% on your Exterior Painting Project!

Total Service Pro Painting delivers superior paint and stain workmanship. Our technicians start with detailed surface preparation. Next we apply spot priming or apply a self priming coating. Priming bare wood provides for better first coat protection and better finish coat adhesion. For most homes- “finish coat” we typically apply an Acrylic Latex/Water based Paint/Stain for a beautiful and lasting finish.

Total Service Pro Painting’s typical Exterior procedure-    

  • PRESSURE WASH: Pressure wash is used to remove contaminants, dirt, grease, chalk, mildew, mold and algae from the substrate or siding. This is a Key Step and should be done by a qualified house washing company, and that’s us!
  • Surface Preparation: Prior to any prep work typically we take any ‘before’ pictures, with your approval. We then use proactive steps to cover driveways, patios, plants, walkways and furniture with drop clothes or new plastic. Scrape and wire brush loose and peeling paint. Scuff any glossy areas. Caulk and seal windows and doors where caulking is missing or failing. Spot prime bare wood or apply stain-blocking oil primer (where appropriate). Clean, wipe or dust areas that need extra attention i.e. behind shutters, etc. Then complete any necessary ‘prep’ clean-up prior to starting the finish coating(s).
  • First & Subsequent Finish Coat(s): We feature several different paint or coating Manufacturers. We like to discuss your goals first then select the best paint or stain for your project and your budget.  Nevertheless we stand behind any of the coatings we recommend.
  • CLEAN-UP: Your property is left clean with removal of all trash, equipment, etc.
  • PAINTING Inspection & final payment: The Crew Manager inspects the Painting daily for superior application. A final inspection is performed with the homeowner and any potential touch-ups are performed. Any ‘after’ pictures are taken. Then our client satisfaction rating and our client contract sign off are then requested right before the final payment is collected. And your Home or Project has been successfully & beautifully completed. We at Total Service Pro PAINTING appreciate your valued relationship and business…Thank You!