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Soft Roof Cleaning Capital District, NY   [coupongen id=”4″ align=”center”] What are these black streaks on my roof? This is caused by Gloecapsa Magma, a species of algae. Once growth starts to occur on your roof, rainwater washes it downward which causes lines of black streaking. This type of algae grows in shaded, warm, and moist areas. You may notice it mostly grows on the north side of your roof where there is less direct sunlight. The Total Service Pro Cleaning Method: We specialize in non-pressure roof cleaning know as soft roof washing or soft roof cleaning. We use our own custom blend of roof cleaning solution, not only does this solution clean the algae stains from your roof, but it will also help prevent premature algae growth. This is the safest and most effective cleaning method used by professional power washers. On a side note – this will not harm your shingles. Our soft roof washing method for roof cleaning is approved by the RCIA (Roof Cleaning Institute of America). Whether you live in Clifton Park, NY, Albany, NY, Saratoga Springs, NY and beyond, Total Service Pro is prepared to clean your roof professionally and in the safest manner. Roof stains are not only unsightly but they are greatly reducing the life of your shingles by as much as 10 years.

Today’s Roof Washing Industry

Soft Roof Washing is actually somewhat in its infancy as a widely recognized service. For many years roof cleaning was either not attempted, or attempted by nonprofessionals, using cleaning methods that would often cause more harm to the roof than good. Today the benefits of roof washing (or roof cleaning) have become much more understood, which has propelled the trade to new heights. Sadly though, even here in Upstate, NY, where roof cleaning is very well known , there are still many misconceptions of how it should be accomplished to insure that you are getting excellent results, in a way that’s safe for your roof. The truth is, many so called roof cleaning professionals right here in the upstate area no little more about cleaning a roof correctly than the average homeowner. Unfortunately, the state of New York does not currently require state licensing for roof cleaning companies. This makes it even easier for unqualified individuals to get into the business with little or no knowledge of the trade. Our mission with our website is to provide you with as much information about the trade as possible so you can make a more informed decision when considering a roof cleaning company here in Upstate, NY that is right for you. Of course, we are hoping that you find us to be that company. Now getting back to understanding the problem, and how to solve it. Why does the Clifton Park area, and many other parts of the northeast, seem to have such a problem with algae, mold and mildew growing on roof tops? Well the answer has to do with a few different issues. First of all, our humid, wet climate recently here in New York provides the ideal conditions for algae, mold, mildew, lichen, etc to thrive. Secondly, your asphalt shingle roof provides an excellent food source for these organisms giving them everything they need to grow. Asphalt shingles today contain limestone fillers to help add weight to the shingles. The algae feeds on these limestone fillers, and over time this feeding process by the algae will actually degrade your roofs shingles. This can result in decreasing the life span of your roof by years. There are also some other benefits , as a proud Upstate, NY home owner, to having your roof cleaned as well. Of course the most obvious is that you will be left with a newer-looking, more aesthetically pleasing roof without all that unsightly algae growing all over it. A clean roof can also actually increase the energy efficiency of your home by allowing the roof to reflect and displace heat like it’s intended to do, as opposed to a dirty roof which will actually absorb more heat. Lastly, removing all that algae and mold will make your home a safer environment for your family and pets. Lets face it, you wouldn’t live with all that algae and mold growing in your house, so why would you want to live with it growing on your house.

Soft Roof Cleaning Three Year Guarantee!

How long will my roof stay clean? Gloecapsa Magma typically takes years to grow on a roof that gets sufficient direct sunlight. There are many factors that can change the growth rate. As stated above, this type of algae grows in warm, moist, and shaded areas. Trees that hang over a roof can cause this type of algae to reappear much sooner after a cleaning than a roof with more direct sunlight. Another factor that affects the growth of Gloecapsa Magma is the material shingles are made of. Most modern day shingles contain limestone as a fillant which bacteria feeds off and it absorbs more contaminants; which allows the growth of algae. With that being said, it really depends on your roof and its environment, but we will guarantee it for three years. You will not have black streaks for at least 3 years! Warning! Never hire a contractor that intends on cleaning with pressure. This removes shingle granules and takes years off the life of your roof.  The top shingle manufacturers state this in their literature. Click Here for Soft Roof Washing FAQs. Soft Roof Washing Capital District, NY

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