Dry Carpet Cleaning


Make your home feel new and fresh again.  TOTALLY DRY Carpet Care offers Dry Carpet Cleaning technology through the “Power of Dry”.  This technology has proven to be the most healthy and effective way for deep cleaning your carpet(s).  This method uses no water and only true national organic compounds to deep clean and remove all visible stains including high traffic carpet areas.  Now is the best time to experience this healthy carpet cleaning technology that will make your carpets look like new.

For those of you who are skeptical about this amazing dry cleaning method, we offer FREE demos in any one room ( 3′ by 3′ Section ) with no obligation.  We are sure you will see and want this method for the rest of your home.

Another nice thing about our company is DRY EXTRACTION.  This is the method of pulling all the dirt and allergens out of your carpet after we thoroughly clean it.  One misconception about our method is it doesn’t extract like steam cleaning.  This simply isn’t true and we can show you just how much dirt we pull out of your carpet.

TOTALLY DRY carpet cleaning technology is the healthiest, eco-friendly and driest method that leaves your carpet instantly dry and feeling clean and smelling fresh.  If you don’t like big, noisy cleaning machines with long hoses and having doors open while the cleaning is being done, then TOTALLY DRY carpet cleaning method is for you.  You can walk on your carpet as soon as our service is complete. This method also allows you to clean your carpets more often and freshen up your house.  This technology will change your view of carpet cleaning for the better!

Our professional and friendly technicians will answer any questions, and we have THE BEST guarantee in the business, if you’re not happy, we’ll clean it again for free.

Rotary Wet Rotary Spin Bed Dry Foam Wet Extraction Totally DRY
Traffic Downtime 6-12 Hours 1 Hour 2 Hours 6-24 Hours NONE
Blending Ability Good Good Fair Poor Excellent
Chance of Color Bleeding Possible Possible Possible Possible NONE
Amount of Residue Heaviest Heavy Moderate Little NONE
Resoil Rate Most Rapid Very Rapid Moderate Slow Very Slow
Shrinkage/Seam Splitting Likely Unlikely Unlikely Very Likely NONE
Mildew Likely Unlikely Unlikely Very Likely NONE
Spot Wickback Very Likely Likely Likely Likely NONE
Browning Possible Possible Possible Possible NONE


Dry carpet cleaning

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Dry carpet cleaning involves the use of specialized machines to clean carpets with recently developed chemical technologies that permit no-moisture or “very low moisture” (VLM) cleaning, resulting in carpet beautification, and removal of stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a nonprofit certifying body for the specialized fabric cleaning industry that sets modern carpet cleaning standards; it accepts three basic professional dry-cleaning methodologies. Clean carpets are recognized by manufacturers as being more visually pleasing, potentially longer-lasting and probably healthier than poorly maintained carpets.[1]

Carpet cleaning is reportedly widely misunderstood, and chemical developers have only within recent decades created new carpet care technologies. Particularly, encapsulation and other green technologies work better, are easier to use, require less training, save more time and money, and lead to less re-soiling than prior methods.[2]




Dry carpet cleaning systems are more accurately known as “very low moisture” (VLM) systems, relying on dry compounds complemented by application cleaning solutions, and are growing significantly in market share due in part to their very rapid drying time,[3] a significant factor for 24-hour commercial installations. Dry-cleaning and “very low moisture” systems are also often faster and less labor-intensive than wet-extraction systems.[1]

Pre-treatments, pre-conditioners, or “traffic-lane cleaners”, which are detergents or emulsifiers that break the binding of soils to carpet fibers over a short period of time, are commonly sprayed onto carpet prior to the primary use of the dry-cleaning system. One chemical dissolves the greasy films that bind soils and prevent effective soil removal by vacuuming. The solution may add a solvent like d-limonene, petroleum byproducts, glycol ethers, or butyl agents. The amount of time the pretreatment “dwells” in the carpet should be less than 15 minutes, due to the thorough carpet brushing common to these “very low moisture” systems, which provides added agitation to ensure the pretreatment works fully through the carpet.[4]

Dry compound

An absorbent, 98% biodegradable cleaning compound may be spread evenly over carpet and brushed or scrubbed in. For small areas, a household hand brush can work such a compound into carpet pile; dirt and grime is attracted to the compound, which is then vacuumed off, leaving carpet immediately clean and dry. For commercial applications, a specially designed cylindrical counter-rotating brushing system is used, without a vacuum cleaner. Machine scrubbing is more typical, in that hand scrubbing generally cleans only the top third of carpet.[5]


In the 1990s, new polymers began literally encapsulating (crystallizing) soil particles into dry residues on contact, in a process now regarded by the industry as a growing, up-and-coming technology;[2] working like “tiny sponges”, the deep-cleaning compound crystals dissolve and absorb dirt prior to its removal from the carpet.[6] Cleaning solution is applied by rotary machine, brush applicator, or compression sprayer. Dry residue is vacuumable immediately, either separately or from a built-in unit of the cleaning system machine. According to ICS Cleaning Specialist, evidence suggests encapsulation improves carpet appearance, compared to other systems; and it is favorable in terms of high-traffic needs, operator training, equipment expense, and lack of wet residue. Encapsulation carpet cleaning also keeps carpets cleaner for longer periods of time compared to other methods. [7] Encapsulation also avoids the drying time of carpet shampoos, making the carpet immediately available for use.[5]

The use of encapsulation to create a crystalline residue that can be immediately vacuumed (as opposed to the dry powder residue of wet-cleaning systems, which generally requires an additional day before vacuuming)is a newer technology that has recently become an accepted method for commercial and residential carpet deep cleaning.[8]


After club soda mixed with cleaning product is deposited onto the surface as mist, a round buffer or “bonnet” scrubs the mixture with rotating motion. This industry machine resembles a floor buffer, with an absorbent spin pad that attracts soil and is rinsed or replaced repeatedly. The bonnet method is not strictly dry-cleaning and involves short drying time, and usually only addresses the top third of carpet, making it a quick solution rather than a deep cleaning of dirt or odor as considered suitable for valuable carpet.[5] To reduce pile distortion, the absorbent pad should be kept well-lubricated with cleaning solution.

Solvent extraction

A D’Limolene based cleaner is pre-sprayed upon the carpet to be cleaned. The product is given a dwell time of 5–10 minutes. The carpet is then extracted using an acid rinse solution through a hot water extraction machine. Triple dry strokes are then performed to ensure a low dry time. While this process is not strictly dry cleaning and involves a 1-4 hour dry time, it cleans deep into the fibers.


Frequently asked Questions;


What is Totally Dry?

Totally Dry  are soft, natural products consisting of millions of absorbent sponges. These unique engineered “sponges” are moistened with specific amount of water and 100% plant-based ingredients. Totally Dry contains and controls all the necessary liquids to dissolve both water soluble and solvent soluble soil.

The Totally Dry SPONGES do a double duty job. First, they carry the liquid cleaning agents to the fibers in a controlled way. Second, they loosen, absorb and hold the soil in control for extraction by vacuuming. With the Totally Dry Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System you are in total control of the cleaning chemicals and soil at all times.

How does it work?

The Totally Dry Machine brushes the moist SPONGES up, down, over and around the carpet fibers so they contact all surfaces of the soiled fibers, breaking the oil bond and wiping the soil away. This action is similar to a moist sponge used to wipe up spills in the kitchen or soil from a wall. Carpet pile is a vertical surface much like a wall. When liquid is applied, gravity pulls any excess moisture down into the carpet toward the backing.

When you use Totally Dry you don’t lose control of the moisture and soil. In addition to absorbing the soil, the Totally Dry SPONGES hold that soil until it is removed by vacuuming.

Carpets do not resoil as quickly as when cleaned with wet methods because there is no sticky residue to grab and hold fresh soil. Because the Totally Dry System does not contribute to resoiling, regular, frequent vacuuming helps to keep the carpet cleaner longer.


Will Totally Dry “deep clean”?

The unique design makes the Totally Dry Machines ideal for deep cleaning carpets. Carpet is manufactured in straight rows of upright carpet yarns. This is similar to millions of individual, vertical surfaces. The brushes of the Totally Dry Machine turn toward each other in a vertical direction, the same direction as the carpet yarns. This makes it possible for the brushes to get into the carpet pile and work the Totally Dry SPONGES in, around and through the carpet yarns, deep cleaning the carpet.

A side benefit is effective pile lifting and restoration. So if the carpet is dirty right to the backing, the Totally Dry Machine can work the Totally Dry SPONGES deep into the carpet. The SPONGES Cleaner then dissolves and absorbs the soil and is removed during the vacuuming procedure.

The Totally Dry eVAC improves on the ability to deep clean because of its superior vacuuming ability. In heavily soiled areas, power vacuum the area before applying HOST and this will help you to achieve better results.

Is Totally Dry only a carpet maintenance product?

No. The Totally Dry System can be used for total carpet care which includes regular carpet maintenance, as well as carpet cleaning and restoration cleaning.

While it is true that the most efficient way to use the Totally Dry System is as a maintenance tool, its unique qualities make it possible for Totally Dry to clean very dirty carpet in a controlled manner. Often the carpet has been “uglied out” due to improper or careless wet cleaning techniques. Totally Dry is an ideal way to restore these carpets and prepare them for regular, ongoing carpet maintenance.

In order to effectively maintain a carpet, it is necessary to use a system of cleaning that removes the soil from the carpet before it can build up and spread. This is why in a maintenance program it is important to concentrate your cleaning and vacuuming efforts in the areas where people walk.

The Totally Dry System dissolves, absorbs and then extracts the soil from the carpeting. Since HOST uses a controlled amount of moisture, it is easy to blend into the surrounding clean carpet during maintenance cleaning. So when the cleaning procedure is complete, the entire carpet, wall-to-wall, looks clean because it is clean.

What is PREP Traffic Lane Booster for?

PREP Traffic Lane Booster is to be used with Totally Dry in those very difficult areas that resist cleaning. It is a powerful cleaning booster containing professional strength detergents and penetrating solvents which combine to help break surface tension and emulsify excess oil film which binds dirt to carpet fibers.

PREP Traffic Lane Booster puts extra cleaning power just where you need it; entryways from parking lots, doorways to restaurant kitchens, on hard-to-clean spills such as medicine, thick, greasy food, etc. It is, however, meant to be used sparingly, only in a light mist. PREP is not the cleaner, Totally Dry is.

Why will the Totally Dry System take out a spot so it will not come back?

First, it is important to understand why some spots reappear. When liquid is used in an uncontrolled manner to remove spots from the carpet, it can dissolve the spot and cause it to run to the base of the carpet. This is because of the vertical nature of carpeting. Gravity will take the dissolved soil and spots, and pull them toward the bottom of the carpeting. During the evaporation process, the dissolved spot is drawn up the sides of the carpet yarn and eventually reappears on the surface.

Totally Dry cleans in a controlled manner. It contains just the right amount of moisture to dissolve the soil or spot but not enough to cause it to run down the sides of the carpet yarn. As soon as the soil is dissolved, it is absorbed by the Totally Dry SPONGES. Since none of the dissolved spot has the opportunity to run to the base of the carpet, there isn’t anything there to wick back to the surface. That’s why when you clean a spot with the Totally Dry System, it will not come back.

Is Totally Dry safe?

The HOST cleaning products are totally safe to use. We have MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) available on each product.

HOST is not an eye irritant, not a primary skin irritant. It is also nontoxic by oral ingestion or by inhalation. However, some people with unusual skin sensitivity should protect their hands and arms from direct contact with the product. Also some people with respiratory problems should avoid using HOST in unventilated or confined areas. By and large, for the general population, it is a safe product to use.

Can I be allergic to Totally Dry Cleaner?

While Totally Dry is a safe product to use and conforms to the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there is a possibility that some people may be allergic to an ingredient in the product.

Just as you may know someone who is allergic to milk or strawberries, you may find someone who will have an allergic reaction to a particular ingredient in the Totally Dry product. If this is true, we suggest this person not come into contact with the Totally Dry Cleaner. Most people can use Totally Dry without any reaction.

Can I get Totally Dry without the fragrance?

Yes, Totally Dry is available in a fragrance free formula. However, even this formula is not completely fragrance free since there are detergents and other cleaning agents in all Totally Dry dry cleaning products. But, this HOST Fragrance Free version is a solution when odors are an issue. Usually the fragrance dissipates within 20-30 minutes after the cleaning.

Can you use the Totally Dry System for restoration cleaning?

Yes. The Totally Dry System is an ideal system for restoration cleaning. When a carpet is heavily soiled it may require many applications of Totally Dry and a great deal of brushing to truly restore the appearance of the carpet. With other methods of cleaning, multiple applications could over wet the carpet and cause damage but with Totally Dry there is never any chance of this occurring.

We developed Totally Dry for restoration cleaning. The unique blend of cleaning agents in HOST will help you achieve superior results on really dirty carpet. The Totally Dry extractor VAC will do a superior job of removing the dry soil while at the same time opening up and restoring the texture. This will make the cleaning more efficient.

Is Totally Dry solvent based?

There is a great deal of confusion in the industry as to the nature of the various dry cleaning products available for carpet cleaning. The original dry cleaning products were solvent based products. They were a clay powder (diatomaceous earth) mixed with a dry cleaning solvent which was scattered on the carpet, brushed in with a hand brush or broom and then vacuumed. These products were oily and could potentially cause some resoiling.

Today, all of the dry cleaning products manufactured are water based, not solvent based. The Totally Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning products are water based also. The main ingredients in Totally Dry are water, detergents and green cleaning chemistry.

This combination of cleaning ingredients helps to dissolve all types of soil, whether it be water based or oil based. And since such a small amount of moisture is used, there is very little left behind on the carpet fiber to promote resoiling. When you clean a carpet with the Totally Dry System, it will stay cleaner longer than with any other method you may have tried.

Why should I buy Totally Dry instead of a wet method?

First, it is important to know the objective of carpet cleaning. The objective is to remove the soil as completely and efficiently as possible.

There are two different principles at work in each method. A wet method must first liquefy and dissolve the soil in and on the carpet in order to begin to retrieve it. As the liquid flows onto the carpet and the liquefaction of the soil occurs, it essentially loses control and the soil and cleaning solution flow throughout the entire carpet. Based on the statistics that manufacturers of extractors use, only 60-85% of the liquid used, can be retrieved.

Consequently, if 10 gallons of liquid is used in a room, 3-4 gallons of liquid will be left in the carpet. When we look in the tank and see dirty water, we must remember the 3-4 gallons left behind in the carpet contain the same dirty residues.

In other words, what is left behind has the same soil and cleaning chemicals as what is in the tank. As the carpet dries out, some of the soil and spots may wick to the surface of the carpet and require recleaning.

Totally Dryworks on a different principle. It is millions of small sponges, dampened with the right amount of water, detergents and a safe-to-use solvent. This allows us to keep control of the liquids at all times during the cleaning process so there is no chance of wickback.

Totally Dryis just like a sponge you use in your kitchen to wipe up spills on a table or counter. When you pass the sponge across the surface, it lays out a film of cleaning agents which dissolves the soil and then the sponge absorbs the dissolved soil. Everything that is dissolved is absorbed and trapped in the Totally Dry SPONGES so it can be removed by vacuuming. This is a controlled way of removing soil which meets the objective stated above. This is a very efficient way to remove soil from the carpet.

Will Totally Dry wear out my carpet?

No, Totally Dry products will not wear out your carpet. If HOST wore out carpets, we certainly would not have the carpet mill recommendations we have. Over 100 carpet manufacturers and fiber producers recommend or approve Totally Dry.

We have cleaned hundreds of thousands of carpets over the years and have never worn out a carpet. Actually, we have case studies that show the Totally Dry System prolongs the useful life of the carpet because the appearance level is maintained at such a high level. Totally Dry is a safe product for carpet. It is made of a soft, natural organic spongelike material which cannot cut or scratch carpet fibers.

The Mohs scale indicates the relative hardness of a mineral according to its resistance to scratching by one of the following minerals (arranged in the order of increasing hardness):

  1. talc
  2. gypsum
  3. calcite
  4. fluorite
  5. apatite
  6. feldspar
  7. vitreous silica
  8. quartz
  9. topaz
  10. garnet
  11. fused zirconia
  12. fused alumina
  13. silicon carbide
  14. boron carbide
  15. diamond

The Totally Dry SPONGES, when dry, has a hardness of 4.5 on the Mohs scale. When Totally Dry is moist, it is even softer. Soil is composed of sand, quartz, feldspar, and rock, all of which are harder than HOST. Carpet fibers, such as nylon, are very tough and can withstand years of high foot traffic with little damage. The Totally Dry System does not wear out carpet fibers. Properly used, it extends the life of carpet.

Will Totally Dry damage carpet?

The Totally Dry cleaning system uses soft, organic, natural sponge-like particles to carry the cleaning agents to the carpet. These soft SPONGES are completely safe for the carpet. They do not cut or abrade the carpet fibers.

Totally Dry Carpet Cleaner has been formulated to be pH balanced with carpet dye. Most dyes used in carpeting are on the acid side of the pH scale. Totally Dry is also slightly acidic and, therefore, it will not affect the dye in the carpet. Totally Dry is the safest way to clean all types of carpet.

We have also designed many different types of brushes for the Totally Dry Machines. Selecting the correct brush for the carpet is important for best results. If the wrong brush is used, it is possible to fuzz the carpet yarns during cleaning. When the correct brush is used, the carpet can be cleaned without fear of texture change or distortion.

Is the Totally Dry System only good for low pile carpets?

While the Totally Dry System performs quite well on low pile carpets, it can be used on all types of carpet. Sometimes on deep pile carpet it may be necessary to apply more Totally Dry and do more brushing to achieve better results. This may require extra vacuuming to properly remove the Totally Dry.

The Totally Dry System is ideal for all types of carpeting; one only needs to understand how to use it properly to achieve excellent results. Totally Dry is also excellent for Oriental, Chinese, Persian and Sisal floor coverings.

How often should I clean my carpet?

The answer to this question will depend on the type of carpet, the color and where it is installed.

If the carpet is installed in a residence, the need for cleaning will be different than if it is installed in a commercial setting. In most cases the carpet will only require cleaning twice a year when it is installed in a residence. Of course, there are exceptions to this depending on the number of people in the home, pets and the style of the carpet.

Do Totally Dry brushes take the twist out of the carpet yarns?

Carpet is manufactured from carpet yarns which have a heat-set twist. This means that during the manufacturing process, moisture, heat and pressure are applied to the yarn so it will retain its twist. When this is done properly, the twist remains close to the original appearance for quite a long time.

Eventually vacuuming, foot traffic and cleaning can slowly change the texture of the carpet and perhaps cause some of the twist to relax. This is considered normal, everyday wear and tear on the carpeting.

The brushing action of the Totally Dry Machines will not aggravate or cause this type of texture change. However, it is important to choose the correct brushes for the type of carpet you are cleaning.

Even after you have chosen the correct brush for a particular carpet, you should continue to observe the texture of the carpet while you are cleaning. If you notice any texture change, stop brushing and change to a softer brush.

Why do carpet mills and fiber producers recommend Totally Dry?

They recommend the Totally Dry System because they have found that it performs well and is safe for all types of carpet. Their experience has been that Totally Dry delivers clean carpet. They find their customer is happy with the long-term appearance of the carpeting and is more inclined to purchase carpet in the future. The carpet manufacturer and fiber producer are interested in selling more carpet, and they can do this if the customer is happy with their decision to purchase carpet. The Totally Dry System makes that possible because it delivers long-term, high appearance at reasonable cost.

Can I clean Oriental, Chinese or Persian rugs?

Yes, the Totally Dry System is ideal for cleaning these delicate rugs. Totally Dry has been formulated to be safe for all carpet dyes. You need never fear any color bleeding or color loss when using the Totally Dry. Totally Dry is one of the safest ways to clean rugs of this type.