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The fact that you have taken the time to visit our soft roof washing page, indicates that you are either looking for information to better understand what roof washing is all about, or you are fed up with looking at your own dirty, algae infested roof top and are ready to do something about it. Well you’ve come to the right place. By the time you are done reading this page you will have a greater understanding about the benefits of roof cleaning, some of the do’s and don’ts of roof cleaning, and how we have been able to become #1 for soft roof washing in Queensbury, NY.

Today’s Roof Washing Industry

Soft Roof Washing is actually somewhat in its infancy as a widely recognized service. For many years roof cleaning was either not attempted, or attempted by non professionals, using cleaning methods that would often cause more harm to the roof than good. Today the benefits of roof washing (or roof cleaning) have become much more understood, which has propelled the trade to new heights. Sadly though, even here in Queensbury, where roof cleaning is very well known , there are still many misconceptions of how it should be accomplished to insure that you are getting excellent results, in a way that’s safe for your roof.

The truth is, many so called roof cleaning professionals right here in the upstate area no little more about cleaning a roof correctly than the average homeowner. Unfortunately, the state of New York does not currently require state licensing for roof cleaning companies. This makes it even easier for unqualified individuals to get into the business with little or no knowledge of the trade. Our mission with our website is to provide you with as much information about the trade as possible so you can make a more informed decision when considering a roof cleaning company here in Queensbury, NY that is right for you. Of course, we are hoping that you find us to be that company.

Now getting back to understanding the problem, and how to solve it. Why does the Queensbury area, and many other parts of the northeast, seem to have such a problem with algae, mold and mildew growing on roof tops? Well the answer has to do with a few different issues. First of all, our humid, wet climate recently here in New York provides the ideal conditions for algae, mold, mildew, lichen, etc to thrive. Secondly, your asphalt shingle roof provides an excellent food source for these organisms giving them everything they need to grow. Asphalt shingles today contain limestone fillers to help add weight to the shingles. The algae feeds on these limestone fillers, and over time this feeding process by the algae will actually degrade your roofs shingles. This can result in decreasing the life span of your roof by years.

There are also some other benefits , as a proud Queensbury home owner, to having your roof cleaned as well. Of course the most obvious is that you will be left with a newer-looking, more aesthetically pleasing roof without all that unsightly algae growing all over it. A clean roof can also actually increase the energy efficiency of your home by allowing the roof to reflect and displace heat like it’s intended to do, as opposed to a dirty roof which will actually absorb more heat. Lastly, removing all that algae and mold will make your home a safer environment for your family and pets. Lets face it, you wouldn’t live with all that algae and mold growing in your house, so why would you want to live with it growing on your house.

How We Safely Clean Roofs in Queensbury, New York

After six years of providing soft roof washing in Queensbury, NY with our state-of-the-art pressure washing services, there has been one constant; that is that we are dedicated to always exploring ways to improve our process to insure that we are proving the best services possible to local residents. After 1,000 roof cleanings later, our workmanship speaks for us. Our secret is in our proprietary soft roof washing blend that will systematically kill and remove the algae and mold on your roof all without the use of high pressure, or other form of agitation. After we treat your roof by killing the algae and mold, you will see immediate results, but your roof will actually look its best after a good rain. The reason for this is because the rain will effectively rinse the residual dead algae, mold, and mildew from the roof leaving you with one of the cleanest roofs in all of Clifton Park, NY.

Our Cleaning Solutions and Methods are Recommended by the Roofing Industry

We use a chemical blend based on the recommendations of the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association), as well as other major shingle manufactures like GAF, and Owens Corning. Our blend is a chlorinated solution which also contains other proprietary surfactants that we have specifically formulated for soft roof washing. Since every roof is different, all with varying amounts of algae, mold, lichen, etc, we are able to tailor our blend to meet the specific cleaning needs of each individual roof in Clifton Park. This helps to insure that we are achieving the best results possible on every job.

Why Roof Cleaning Solutions Containing Sodium Hydroxide should be Avoided

Many roof cleaning chemicals on the market today are Sodium Hydroxide based. These products are popular because they are a bit more “idiot-proof” for inexperienced contractors or homeowners to use, but there are many negatives to using these kinds of chemicals to clean roofs. These reason include:

Sodium Hydroxide is a degreaser and when you use it to clean an asphalt roof, it does not kill the algae, instead, it simply helps loosen the top layer of algae leaving behind much of the algae spores in the shingle, which will quickly grow back and repopulate your roof with new algae within as little as a few months.

Asphalt shingle roofs are essentially a petroleum based product, and it stands to reason that using a degreaser to clean a roof held together with a grease-like product doesn’t make much sense.

Also, Sodium Hydroxide based roof cleaning chemicals require the use of pressure to achieve enough agitation to remove the algae, and using pressure to clean a roof is never recommended, as it can damage shingles by removing the granules, lifting and breaking the shingles off, and it can even force water under the shingles, potentially causing leaks and water damage inside your home.

How We Always Take Every Precaution to Protect Your Queensbury Property

Many people want to know how our soft roof washing process may affect there plants or other parts of their house such as windows, etc. Because of the nature of what we are trying to achieve, which is to kill the algae, mold, and mildew growing on your roof, there is always a potential for damage to plant life, but our job as roof cleaning professionals is to use our experience to help limit that risk to not only your landscaping, but any other personal property near by that could possibly be affected. We will always make you aware of any areas that we think could be a potential issue during the soft roof washing process before we start. After six years of providing Queensbury, NY with our soft roof washing services, and over 1,000 jobs later, we’ve learned how to work around, and deal with, just about any situation imaginable, but being up front about any risks before we start a project will always be a top priority.

Your Queensbury Roof is Now Clean and It Looks Fantastic!

So now your roof is clean, and it looks like a million bucks! The next question is; how long will it stay clean? Well, there are a few factors involved with that, and at least one is beyond your control, and that being rainfall and climate conditions. Another is tree coverage and tree proximity to your home. The more trees you have in your yard, and the closer those trees are to your house can make a huge impact on how long your roof will stay clean. All things averaged out, most roofs will stay free from visible algae growth anywhere from 3-6 years.

Well, there you have it. I would have to assume that if you’ve read this hole webpage on soft roof washing and roof cleaning in Queensbury, NY that most of your questions have been answered, but if we’ve missed something, feel free to call 518-877-WASH (9274) anytime with any questions that you may have.

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