Vinyl Renew FAQ

What causes vinyl siding to fade and oxidize?

UV radiation and acid rain are the primary causes of surface deterioration. The result is siding with a dull, chalky appearance. The surface is then subject to becoming brittle. The oxidation creates a rough surface that absorbs moisture, which makes it a perfect breeding ground for the growth of mold, mildew and fungus.

What is Vinyl Restore?

Vinyl Restore is a clear antimicrobial polymer that is registered with the EPA and is approved by the State of California. Vinyl Restore is applied to vinyl siding to restore and protect the vinyl surface. When applied, Vinyl  dries as a clear protective shield that will not fade or oxidize. Vinyl Restore’s anti-microbial formula also prevents the growth of mold, mildew and fungus. In addition, Vinyl Restore helps prevent siding from becoming brittle. Vinyl Restore offers homeowners more than a vinyl siding cleaner. Vinyl Restore restores and protects vinyl siding.

Why should I use Vinyl Restore instead of painting my siding?

Painting resolves the aesthetic appearance, but does not solve the problem. Without the proper removal of oxidation, painting alone becomes subject to delamination (separation) and deterioration from UV radiation and acid rain. And over time, the surface will again oxidize.

What effect does cold and heat, or snow and ice have on Vinyl ReNu?

Vinyl Restore is not affected by UV radiation, acid rain, salts or chemicals. Plus, it will contract and expand with prevailing weather conditions. The Federal Aviation Administration uses OneSource Organics on radar tracking stations situated atop mountains where inclement weather is a frequent problem.

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