Soft Roof Washing in Castleton, NY

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Soft Roof Washing in Castleton NY

Soft Roof Washing is coming to Castleton!

Soft Roof Washing means not using a pressure washer on your roof. Castleton, just like many of the other communities in the Capital Region, have seen an overwhelming amount of black roof streaks on their roofs over the last ten years.

Q; What are those Black Streaks?

We at Total Service Pro are frequently asked about the black streaks that appear on roofs in the northeast – what are they and how do I get rid of them? That black streaking is actually a build up of a living organism called Gloeocapsa Magma. It’s a type of algae that is nourished by the limestone ingredients within the asphalt shingles. Typically you’ll find this buildup on the north facing side of your roof.

 Moss and Lichen can also do damage to you roof

Moss and lichen are two more enemies to the life of your roof. They actually have root systems that grow down into your shingles and embed themselves to your roof. If left on their own to grow and thrive, they will eventually creep under your shingles and lift them up causing damage to your roof and putting the interior of your home at risk.

Small investment now Could Save You the Expense of a New Roof later!

That’s where we come in. Total Service Pro likes saving people money and we’ve found that by following the recommendations provided by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association, we can professionally clean your roof and keep your home looking beautiful.

We use a special soft roof washing method that protects your shingles thereby protecting your roof while cleaning and restoring your roof. The key to doing this is the soft washing process that we use, which is a (non pressure) roof cleaning system. You may not realize it, but even a small amount of pressure can wash away those tiny granules that are an integral part of your roof’s shingles. Hiring a professional to clean your roof is a must and Total Service Pro will perform a professional soft roof cleaning for you at a competitive price.

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