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Total Service Pro Painting provides both Exterior and Interior Painting and a number of professional services including: power washing, window cleaning, soft roof washing and siding repair for all of Wilton, NY and surrounding areas in the Capital District, NY.

We are a local painting company of properly trained experienced and skilled painting contractors with decades of experience and knowledge to advise your and ultimately to do the job correctly the First time & every time. We offer prompt, free written estimates. We are always willing to fit these in around your busy schedule. We believe in delivering Professionalism, Quality and Value in every aspect of every service we provide.

When is it necessary to prime before painting my Wilton, NY home?

Typically, unless you are making a drastic color change, priming for interior painting is only necessary if you have new drywall or bare wood trim work that has recently been installed or if the surfaces are in very bad shape (water stains, crayon marks, etc.).

For exterior painting, “spot priming” with a dedicated Primer is only needed in problem areas that may have cedar bleed or where previous painting systems or coatings have failed down back to bare wood. Again in these problem areas spot priming is usually sufficient. For Dramatic color changes to your homes exterior. We typically will use a Quality Paint that contains a primer built right in to the coatings formulation. This provides proper adhesion and helps facilitate the correct aesthetic appearance and promotes the longevity of your homes finish coat Paint.

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