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You can also prepare to “Go Green” with Total Service Pro Painting in Albany, NY. We can use environmentally friendly water based or borne coatings/paint at your discretion. The advancement in Latex paints, pigments and overall paint technology has progressed significantly especially over the last couple decades.

So whether you need interior painting with Low or No VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), full Exterior or just trim work done or any of our other great services? We want to help you achieve your vision for your project. Everything from Full Exterior to single room interior, old peeling paint over plaster or drywall repair, wood or deck staining and light carpentry – we are ready to work with you on all your painting project needs in Albany, NY.

I’m not sure which paint colors or hues to use. Can Total Service Pro Painting help?

Yes! There are at least two ways we can help you select paint colors. The first is to use a great online tool for color selection. You can go to the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer. (NOTE: You do not necessarily need to use Sherwin-Williams paints). This site allows you to actually see what the colors would look like up on your interior walls or the exterior of your home. You can even scan in your own photos to visualize the actual end result in just about any of the expansive Sherwin Williams color pallet. Ask more about this when we do your detailed written estimate.

If you would like a little more personal direction, one of our expert color consultants will come out to your home in Albany and walk around with you and provide advice based on decades of color selection experience. Often just understanding how light and dark colors will affect the overall aesthetics of your Home is usually a great place to start. We can usually provide a general direction in color hues this helps aide in narrowing the final color selection process. Either one or a combination of these two approaches to color selection can be a great way to proceed when multiple paint colors are being considered. Our color consult can suggest colors that flow well into one another or compliment one another. From room to room or siding to trim to accent colors we can help make it a painless fruitful decision. Contact us today to schedule your detailed written estimate!