Window Cleaning FAQ

What is included with your window cleaning service?

We are a full service window cleaning company. Our general maintenance window cleaning service always includes both the exterior and interior surface of the glass itself, cleaning of the window frames and sills, and cleaning of the window tracks. Our price and service always includes all of these items. If you prefer to have only the outside of your windows cleaned, we do accommodate exterior only cleanings, though in our experience we have found that most of the time the inside surface of windows are in need of attention almost as much as the outside. An exterior only cleaning would include the exterior surface of the glass .

What is that magic water that you use?

We employ a pure water cleaning system for cleaning the exterior of all windows. The key to this cleaning system is utilizing the technology of deionized water. Deionization is a physical process which uses specially-manufactured ion exchange resins that bind to and filter out the mineral contents from water producing an extremely high level of purity. The filtration process removes all negative charge in the water caused by minerals and salt. Without these elements present, the water attempts to stabilize itself by becoming very aggressive, seeking negative particles in the form of dirt and other contaminants. The water pulls these contaminates from your windows and washes them to the ground. Finally the water, being void of minerals and salts, dries on the glass absolutely spot-free. The outcome is windows cleaned more thoroughly and with results superior to any other method of cleaning. There is absolutely no chance of streaking, and because there is no soap residue left behind to attract dust, windows actually stay cleaner longer!

Do you wash all my screens?

Yes. For a fare price we can wash all your screens.

When is the best time of the year to have my windows cleaned?

There really is no bad time to have your windows cleaned. Often times individuals are concerned about having their windows cleaned during the winter months fearing possibility of rain. Rain is not a concern and winter months are as good of a time as any to clean your windows. One of the best times to have them cleaned, regardless of time of year, is when they are dirty! We have a saying…if the ground is green then we clean. If the ground is white we might. Give us a call.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

How often is really up to personal preference, and what level of tolerance a person has for dirt. Most of our customers that have requested to be on a regular maintenance program have us come either quarterly (every 3 months), or every 6 months. Though a few of our customers ask us to come more frequently, generally you will not need to have your windows cleaned more than every three months (the methods we use actually keep your windows cleaner, longer). In our opinion, a person really needs to have their windows cleaned at least twice a year.

Is it going to rain?

Though we are not meteorologist, we can tell you with some level of certainty that is will rain at some point in the future. Don’t despair though, rain will not affect your clean windows – it’s the dirty windows that you have to worry about, see below…

What if it does rain?

This may be a tough one to grasp, but rain does NOT make your windows dirty. Rain is relatively clean, and unlike tap water that comes out of sprinklers and irrigation systems, rain is devoid of minerals – which means it will not leave water spots. The reason people think rain makes their windows look dirty is because their windows were dirty to begin with. If your window is dirty and particularly if your screens are dirty and rain gets them wet, guess what you are left with? Mud! So it is not rain making your windows dirty, it is dirt that makes them dirty.

Furthermore, all of the exterior glass is cleaned with a pure water cleaning system, so no soap residue is left behind. So what is left behind after we have cleaned your windows? Nothing! That means if it were to rain the day after it would have no impact on your clean windows. If the clean rain water was to come in contact with your clean windows it would have no dirt to make mud out of, and because it is mineral free it would dry without spots! In many cases windows are covered by roof lines and rain cannot come in contact with them anyway. We actually have the ability to clean your windows while it is raining and get perfect results! Heavy rain we will reschedule.

I have hard water deposit on my windows, can you get it off?

Absolutely. We specialize in glass restoration and particularly in the area of mineral deposit damage. Mineral deposit damage on glass is commonly caused by contact with hard water sources in residential settings (i.e. yard sprinklers), but can also be caused by metal oxidation and masonry run-off, or a combination of sources. What caused the mineral damage? How long it has been there? Is it superficial or has it etched the glass? …These are all factors that go into what approach is required to restore the glass surface. We are very knowledgeable in this subject can almost always guarantee 100% removal of mineral damage.

I just had my house completely remodeled and the windows are a mess from all the construction!?

No problem, we specialize in post construction window cleaning. Post construction window cleaning is a very specialized proficiency. Besides simply cleaning dust and dirt that is kicked up during the construction process, it also involves the removal of construction debris that includes substances such as paint, plaster, stucco and texture, cement, tape residue, and window manufacturer stickers. Safe removal of these substances requires a particular subset of knowledge and training, chemical use, and specific tools. We are well versed in these techniques and potential glass quality issues that can come into play. Please give us a call for more information.

Are you Insured?

Yes. We maintain full insurance coverage.  workers compensation insurance, and vehicle insurance, A copy of our current certificate of insurance can be presented at time of service. Being fully insured is something that we feel very strongly about – it protects both us and our customers.

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