Vinyl Restoration in Guilderland, NY

Many of the Homes in Guilderland are Vinyl sided and in need of vinyl restoration. This fact alone alone means that many of the homes in the northeast may have sun faded or distressed vinyl or aluminum siding and often vinyl fencing. This UV or heavy sun exposure will often cause – Chalking.

After long term exposure to UV sunlight solar radiation, the residential siding and even industrial protective paints or coatings will develop a loose white substance called chalk. Especially with weather extremes in the Capital District and Guilderland, NY vinyl siding here takes a beating!

Chalk is what’s left behind when some of the resin and pigment are broken down by UV sunlight solar radiation exposure. The “white” chalk makes the underlying color look lighter and even dull. It’s quite easy on first examination to mistake chalking (which is somewhat reversible) for true fading (which is permanent) color loss. But, washing and wiping the architectural or industrial coating’s surface will remove the chalking and restore a good deal of the color. Rating the degree of chalking is a numerical standard of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 with 10 being no chalk wiping off.

Note: One excellent way of determining whether a surface is clean enough for a industrial protective paint or coating to be applied to it, is to wipe a clean white cloth across the surface and if no color comes off, it is clean. Obviously, if the surface is white, the cloth should be of a darker color with no white coming off. For our Vinyl Restoration and protection clearcoat, it’s ready for the faded surface that’s left to be restored.