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Carpet Cleaning Myth Loudonville: I Don’t Need Professional Carpet Cleaning; I Have my Own Machine

Many homeowners in the Loudonville, N.Y. area purchase a home carpet cleaning machine or rent a commercial carpet cleaning machine. Cleaning with these type machines is one of the worst things that can be done to a carpet.

These machines put a lot of water into the carpet, but cannot effectively extract it back out. The carpet takes days to dry, leaving it open to mold, mildew, and premature break down of the backing. Not to mention a build-up of soap residue left behind that attracts rapid re-soiling and makes carpets look dull and dingy prematurely. So if you live in Loudonville, N.Y. look for a professional carpet cleaner.

TOTALLY DRY carpet cleaning technology is the healthiest, eco-friendly and driest method that leaves your carpet instantly dry and feeling clean and smelling fresh.  If you don’t like big, noisy cleaning machines with long hoses and having doors open while the cleaning is being done, then TOTALLY DRY carpet cleaning method is for you.  You can walk on your carpet as soon as our service is complete. This method also allows you to clean your carpets more often and freshen up your house.  This technology will change your view of carpet cleaning for the better!

Our professional and friendly technicians will answer any questions, and we have THE BEST guarantee in the business, if you’re not happy, we’ll clean it again for free.

Rotary Wet Rotary Spin Bed Dry Foam Wet Extraction Totally DRY
Traffic Downtime 6-12 Hours 1 Hour 2 Hours 6-24 Hours NONE
Blending Ability Good Good Fair Poor Excellent
Chance of Color Bleeding Possible Possible Possible Possible NONE
Amount of Residue Heaviest Heavy Moderate Little NONE
Resoil Rate Most Rapid Very Rapid Moderate Slow Very Slow
Shrinkage/Seam Splitting Likely Unlikely Unlikely Very Likely NONE
Mildew Likely Unlikely Unlikely Very Likely NONE
Spot Wickback Very Likely Likely Likely Likely NONE
Browning Possible Possible Possible Possible NONE