Vinyl Restoration in Niskayuna, NY

How can vinyl restoration make old siding in Niskayuna look new again?

Total Service Pro’s coatings’ protective clear coating’s synthetic moisturizing polymers act like an emergency rescue team for your vinyl siding or vinyl restoration project. They surround, penetrate and fully encapsulate sun damaged pigments to restore even the most faded surface to original color, gloss and distinctness of image.

The summer sun in Niskayuna and the greater Capital District, NY acts as a baking oven to dry out the paint pigments just like an oven turns batter into cake. Anything that restores moisture to the pigment will restore the pigments color as well. Using Wesson, Mazola or olive oil will bring back most of the original color BUT only for a day or two. Our Vinyl Restorations clear protective coating brings back ALL the like new color & gloss to the pigment AND protects it from deterioration for years!