Vinyl Restoration in Delmar, NY

Total Service Pro is centrally located in the Capital District. This helps us provide estimates for vinyl restoration in Delmar, NY and lower Albany areas. Our Vinyl Restoration service is a long term solution for your faded siding concerns. The technology in our vinyl restoration service is what makes it a viable solution for protecting and beautifying your home.

Our Vinyl Restoration protective clear coatings unique combination of “state of the art” light absorbers and stabilizers filter out the damaging effects of the sun in much the same way as sunscreen lotions protect skin from getting burned on a sunny day. Even after many years of grueling environmental conditions our protective clear coatings preserves the like new appearance of any surface and your homes siding in Delmar, NY.

Our Vinyl restore uses Nanotechnology that is truly “state of the art” is also used to increase the UV sunlight resistance. Nanoparticles of micro-fine milled titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are included in the formulation to give increased durability and degradation of the coated surface from the sun’s rays. These nanoparticles are so small (less than 100nm), they appear to be clear because the wavelength of visible light is approximately 400nm. The difficulties involved in milling these nanoparticles of titanium and zinc oxides so fine cause the nanoparticles to be extremely expensive. But, they extend the life of our Vinyl Restore’s protective clear coating formulation which in turn improves the longevity of the system we use to restore your vinyl siding.